How Do I Set Up a Facebook Business Page?

Do you want to learn how to create a Facebook business page?  This post will teach you how to do just that!  You will also receive some tips on the best way to set up your very first Facebook page for your business.

The best set up is to build the Facebook business page off of a core person in the company then add other admins that can also update the page.

The next key thing is do not let people know about your Facebook business page until it is filled with good content.

First things first:

  • Get a personal Facebook page with your real name. Don’t worry; the people on the page will not see your personal data from your business page unless you want them to.
  • Log in on your personal profile then build the business one off it.
  • Make sure you have minimum of 5 outstanding posts and a good top photo before asking anyone to like it.
  • Invite people.

Now, let’s get started.

1. First you need to login to Facebook.









If your Facebook page is not currently displaying your real name, you can change it to do so. You can edit your name under Account Settings on the right hand side, in the drop down menu under the down arrow:

See Account Settings on the drop down menu under the down arrow on the far right side


Click Edit on the right side
Enter in your information

After you’re logged in, you will see your newsfeed.  You will need to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the ‘Create a Page’ link.

2.  Create a Page will display and list different categories that you can choose from.  You will then have to fill out some information based on the category you choose.

There are six big categories, and within each a number of sub-categories to choose from.

    1. Local Business or Place
    2. Company, Organization or Institution
    3. Brand or Product
    4. Artist, Band or Public Figure
    5. Entertainment
    6. Cause or Community

Here is what the page looks like:

We will choose Local Business or Place for this example.

You may want to click the ‘Facebook Pages Terms’ link just to ensure that you will be following all of the guidelines listed.  You wouldn’t want your page to be terminated after all of the hard work you put into it simply because you didn’t read the Facebook Pages Terms!  After you’ve read the terms you will click the box beside ‘I agree to Facebook Pages Terms’ and a checkmark will appear to signify that you agree to the terms.

Then you will click the ‘Get Started’ button.

3. Upload Picture. Next, you will be prompted to upload a profile picture for your Facebook business page.  You will have the option to upload an image from your computer or import one from your website.

If you choose to upload an image from your computer, you will select ‘Upload From Computer’.

You will then select the photo and it will display as you can see in the screenshot below.  You will then click the ‘Next’ button.

If you choose to use a picture from your website, you will select ‘Import From Website’.

You will then enter your site’s URL and click the ‘Import’ button.

You will see blue bars going across the white space as if something is loading.  This lets you know that it is searching for pictures from your website which will then be imported for you to choose from.

Once the pictures are found, you will have the option to select which picture you would like to display as your profile picture.  Simply click the one you want and then click the ‘Save Photo’ button.


4. The About Page.

After you’ve clicked the ‘Next’ button or the ‘Save Photo’ button, depending on which option you chose for a profile picture, the About page will display.  Here you will enter information about your business.  You can also add your websites.  You can add more than one website by clicking the ‘Add Another Site’ link.

Once you’re done entering your information you will click the ‘Save Info’ link.

You are then taken to your Facebook business page where you are asked to “Like” your page, so that when people come and visit they will see that at least one person has already liked it.

Liking your own Facebook Page


5. Visiting your New Facebook Page.

When you first go to your Facebook business page, a message will be displayed about taking a tour that will give you tips and basically show you around your new page.

You can take the tour or you can choose not to do so.

6. The Admin Panel

The first thing you will see is the Admin Panel.  You or whoever else has access to do things on your business page will be the only people to see this section.  Here you can do several different things to your page and see different information about what’s going on with your page.

Here’s a brief overview of the Admin Panel:

  1. When you are viewing your page you are viewing it as your Facebook Business.  You can switch back to your personal page by clicking the ‘Change to…’ link.
  2. This menu allows you to edit your page, build your audience by sharing or inviting people to your page, and get help with your page.
  3. The Notifications section will show who liked your page among other things that people do when interacting on your page.
  4. The messages you get from people will display in the Messages section.
  5. The New Likes section will display all the new people that liked your page.
  6. Once you have 30 people that like your page, you will be able to get insights about the activity on your page in the Insights section.

7. Loading the Cover Photo.

Now, let’s choose a good top photo.  The top photo is called the cover photo.

According to, “cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide.”  You can learn more about cover photos by clicking here.

8. Page Profile Pictures / Logos / Icons

Page profile pictures are square and displays at 160×160 pixels. The photo you upload must be at least 180×180 pixels. We recommend uploading a square image.

Click the ‘Add a Cover’ button to choose a photo.

Note: This message will display if it is your first time ever choosing a cover photo.  Simply read the message and click ‘Okay’ to continue.

Once you click on the ‘Add a Cover’ button, you will be given two options to choose from.  You can add a photo from the photos you might have already uploaded to your page or directly from your computer.

If you click on ‘Choose from Photos…’, you will have the option to select a photo from your recent uploads or you can click on the ‘View Albums’ link to choose a photo from an album.  You simply select the photo you want and it will display as your cover photo.

Positioning your Cover Photo. Once your photo is selected and is displayed as the cover photo, you can drag the photo around to reposition it as you see fit.  After you’re satisfied with the way that your cover looks you can click on the ‘Save Changes’ button or you can click the ‘Cancel’ button if you’re not quite happy with how the cover looks.

This is how your page will look once you have a nice cover photo!  It can really make your page POP.

9. Your First Business Page Posts

Posting to your Facebook business page is the exact same as posting to your personal Facebook page, so if you got the hang of that, posting to your business page will be a breeze!


To post a status you would simply type it in the text box and click the ‘Post’ button.

The status will post to your page.



To post a photo/video you would click the ‘Photo/Video’ link

and browse for the image or video on your computer

After you have selected the video or photo it will display on your page.


Clicking the ‘Use Webcam’ allows you to take a picture or video with your webcam.  Clicking the ‘Create Photo Album’ link will allow you to create a photo album.

10. Posting Events, Milestone+

The ‘Event, Milestone +’ link gives you three options.

You can post an event:

You can post a Milestone:

11. Questions and Polls

You can ask a question:


You can also ask a question with poll options:

12. Ready to Invite your Friends?

You can use any of the above options to make your first five posts to your page before you invite others to like it.  You definitely don’t want to invite someone to a page with nothing on it because they will probably not stay very long or click the Like button to show that they like your page.

If you have done these three things:

1) Get a personal Facebook page with your real name. Don’t worry; the people on the page will not see your personal data from your business page unless you want them to.

2) Log in on your personal profile then build the business one off it.
3) Make sure you have a minimum of 5 outstanding posts and a good top photo before asking anyone to like it.

You’re all set! Now, let’s do the last thing on the list above. Let’s invite people!


To invite people you will click on ‘Build Audience’ in the Admin Panel.

This will bring up the option to Invite Email Contacts, Invite Friends, Share Page, or Create An Ad.

Clicking on ‘Invite Email Contacts…’ allows you to invite people by email.

You can choose any option you like:

Clicking on ‘Invite Friends…’ allows you to invite your Facebook friends.

Here you can search for friends or select friends that will show up in the whitespace below if you have friends.

Clicking on ‘Share Page…’ allow you to share your page.

It defaults to sharing your page on your own timeline, but there are other ways to share your page as well.

You can share your page on your own timeline, on a friend’s timeline, in a group, on your page, and even in a private message.


Please let us know if this was helpful to you, and share your new Facebook Page in the comments below!

This post was written by Kia Tinsley and Martin Brossman.

Kia Tinsley is a software consultant with a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management from UNC Greensboro, working as a Social Media Intern with Martin Brossman & Associates.

Martin Brossman & Associates is a Raleigh based firm providing social media training, workshops, management, talks and advising to micro businesses, small and medium sized businesses, professionals, associations and communities. Contact