Free Business & Social Media Books via Kindle Free Ebooks

Free Business & Social Media Books via Kindle Free Ebooks

You may not realize that there are tremendous resources for business and social media available from Amazon for free through Kindle Free downloads.

Take a look at the categories in the screenshot on the left:

Fiction & Non Fiction, and within Non-Fiction you'll find Business & Finance, the business category. That's where you'll find books on social media, like Social Media for Business. (Though you could also find them in Computers & Internet, Reference, and Self Help-How To.)

Amazon Kindle books sell at the following country sites internationally:  UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We're not finding them on Amazon Japan or Canada.

The Marketing book categories seem to vary a little across country sites, but try these links, below.

The UK's Kindle Marketing EBooks

Germany's Kindle Marketing EBooks

Spain's Kindle Business EBooks – Very few free ebooks in the larger categories, and non in the sub-categories. The Kindle Direct Publishing Free promotions do not seem to be propagating onto the bestseller lists.

France's Kindle Marketing & Publicity Ebooks – No free ebooks in this section, and only French books in the general Business category. Like on Spain's site, the Kindle Direct Publishing promotions do not seem to be reaching France's bestseller lists.

Italy's Kindle Business EBooks – Very few free business ebooks, and non in the marketing strategy category. Like Spain and France's sites, the Kindle Direct Publishing promotions do not seem to be reaching Italy's bestseller lists.

Kindle Access Limited by Country

Here is the German Kindle Bestseller list, showing top paid books on the left, and top free books on the right. This is the same as Kindle Bestseller lists on the US, UK, Germany and Spain. Italy and France only show free bestsellers at the larger category level, and very few.

It seems you must be a registered user with an address within the region in order to order Kindle books. For example, as an American, I can not order books from the UK's Kindle site. But to view them, all I have to do is log out, because Amazon's cookies don't recognize me on their international sites if I'm logged out.

Add Search Kindle Bestsellers to Your To Dos

It's well worth searching the categories for topics of interest and seeing what's there. You could search once a week, but specials may last only a day, so a quick daily search would be useful.

Anora McGaha is co-author of Social Media for Business with Martin Brossman. They offer training, advising and social media marketing programs for small businesses through Martin Brossman & Associates.

Social Media for Business is available on Amazon Kindle in the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy, and in paperback on those sites, as well as Amazon Japan and Amazon Canada.