From “Press Kit” to “Social Media Kit”

A Social Media Kit complements your Traditional Press Kit. Add one to your website today.

Savvy media public relations pros stress the importance of having a “Press Kit” on your website:  make it as easy as possible for the media to get the information they need for a story about you.

The Social Media Age is in full force now, so we can revisit the traditional Press Kit and enhance it as a Social Media Kit, the Social Media equivalent of a Press Kit. Call it Social Media Kit, or Media Kit – you’re making sure it is easy for the media, AND, your online community to promote you.

Who might want to promote you?

  • A customer who is pleased and knows others will want to know more
  • A vendor who is proud of associating with you
  • A vendor who wants to do more business with you
  • A community that wants to show their appreciation or list resources
  • A blogger or other media person wanting to write a story

The easier you make it for people to share information about you the better. (And at the same time, you need to be monitoring your online reputation, to nip in the bud or handle any negative content.)

Traditional Press Kits were actual physical copies of photos, press releases, and other printed material that were mailed out or delivered. With the digital age, Press Kits also became known as Electronic Press Kits.

Press Kit Contents:

  • Photos. Varying sizes of photos: thumbnails, 4×6, 5×7 and high resolution photos
  • Bios. Varying lengths of bios: a one sentence summary, a one paragraph one, and a full length bio
  • Press Releases. Various formats of Press Releases: PDF and word documents for easy editing.
  • Fact Sheets. Fact sheets on different angles about you, your product or your business
  • More Bios. Bios of related parties, executives, members of the team
  • News. News articles and interviews – in print, digital copy, or by link
  • Video. Promotional videos – DVD and/or links to online videos
  • Contact Info. Contact information, including email, phone, fax and physical address
  • Request Form. Form for requesting physical collateral: post card, flyer, poster, bumper sticker, CDs, other promotional items, USB Drive, DVD

What should be in a Social Media Kit?

Of course your website will have icons and links to your Social Media sites. (Call them digital assets, online portfolio, social media accounts…) If you don’t have that visible on every page of your website, you’re missing out. And it should be on the top half, “above the fold” on your website, since that may be all of your website that a visitor sees in their high speed online searches.

The Social Media Kit is much more than just the links to your Social Media content. It needs to include images, audio-visual content, and text that can help a friendly organization or customer connect and create content about you.

Social Media Kit Content, in addition to the content listed for the Press Kit:

  • Icons of varying sizes representing you, your product of your business
  • Photos not just of you, your key products, and your business, but also related to your business, that bloggers and other online content creators can use in adding your business to a list, a blog post, a page on their website with a link back.
  • Links to each of your Social Media sites, including Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile and Company, YouTube Channel, Twitter Accounts, Blog(s), Photo accounts, Press rooms for press releases.
  • Topic lists, current and ever green, related to you, your products and your business, with links to content they can draw from.
  • Permissions. A permission statement listing what uses of this content you’re supporting, and a request for an email with the link to any online content they create.
  • Contact information for any questions: including phone and email.

What would you include in a Social Media Kit that we haven’t listed here? Have you seen sites with good Social Media Kits, or Press Kits, with excellent Social Media content?

Updated October 22, 2011

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