Social Media for Business a Kindle Bestseller

Brossman & McGaha's Social Media for Business a Kindle Marketing Bestseller

Social Media for Business on Kindle

While doing a Kindle Select free promotion for several days in early July, 2012, for the first anniversary of the book, Social Media for Business became a Kindle Marketing bestseller in three countries at the same time on its 1 year anniversary: the US, the UK and Germany. A wonderful way to celebrate the book!

The promo also allowed us to learn more about how Kindle Select Promotions work on the different national sites, and where exactly our book, Social Media for Business, was available and reported in the bestseller listings. It may surprise you.

Social Media for Business is available for almost instant download as a Kindle ebook on 6 of Amazon's 8 sites. No actual Kindle is needed, the downloads can go to smart phones and PCs or Macs. Neat!

Here are the links to Social Media for Business by country:

US Amazon Kindle Ebook

UK Amazon Kindle Ebook

Germany's Amazon Kindle Ebook

Spain's Amazon Kindle Ebook

France's Amazon Kindle Ebooks

Italy's Amazon Kindle Ebooks

Though our book was available as an ebook on all those sites, it wasn't available as a Kindle download on two of the country sites. What's more, only 3 of Amazon's country sites provide in-depth reporting, so it seems, for Free Ebooks.

Japan and Canada Amazon Sites Don't Offer Kindle Ebooks

Social Media for Business is on Amazon Japan, but not as an ebook.

Two of Amazon's country sites only sell paperback copies of Social Media for Business:

Amazon Japan and,

Amazon Canada.

For more information about some of the differences in Kindle book listings on Amazon's international sites, and how how free books are reported on bestseller lists in each of the countries, click on the link in this paragraph.

Anora McGaha is co-author of Social Media for Business with Martin Brossman. They offer training, advising and social media marketing programs for small businesses through Martin Brossman & Associates.