How do I record Skype calls?

Record Skype CallsWant to add an audio interview to your website or social media post? Here’s one simple way to record Skype conversations:

1 – Download this free software “MP3 Skype Recorder” here:

2 – Set up the software.

3 – Use the software whenever you want to record a Skype conversation and take note of where the conversation has been saved on your computer. Make sure to let people know you are recording them and make sure you have permission.

4 – Optional:  Edit the audio file with Audaciy, which is a free open source audio editing program. You will need the LAME free encoder to create MP3’s.

5 – Optional: Upload it to  – This lets you share the files on the Web.

Here is an example of my being interviewed by Richard Grassi about artists overcoming their fear of expressing themselves in public, on his website called How to Paint with Acrylics, using this process:

Also here is a link to other ways to record on Skype:

Also notice he added a transcription of the audio for Google to pick it up, for people who just want to read it instead of listening to the interview.

Martin Brossman