Matrix of Social Media Related Functions

As the world’s businesses, organizations and associations commit themselves to the rich (and demanding) presence possible with social media on the Internet, work in social media is growing exponentially.

One of the challenges however is that the circle of what is included in social media is drawn in dozens of different sizes. The work could be as small as creating 140 character tweet messages in HootSuite or another scheduling site and scheduling them. Or it could be as big as managing social media as one part of the organization’s marketing department, or marketing and customer service department.

This graphic shows the inner circle of what is considered social media in red – managing content on social media sites. Natural extensions that deepen the value and effectiveness of social media efforts are in blue: Copywriting, SEO & SMO, Website Integration and Google Analytics. Further extensions can go deeper into into technical dimensions of photography and graphic design, or videography; or stretch into advertising and marketing campaigns.

The lines can be drawn in a gazillion ways, and the circle of what’s included in a social media related job can be unique to every job and every company. What functions don’t you see bundled, that you should see?

[Updated 6/7/2012 at 2pm]