Pinterest Business Accounts

Great news, businesses using Pinterest for marketing don’t have to pretend that they’re “people” anymore!  Pinterest released a Business category of accounts today, and you can either create a new account under the Business type or convert an existing one to the business category.  Add a snippet of code to your business website (root directory) and get verified, and you’re set.

Mostly, nothing else changes, but putting yourself in the business category means you will receive different education material (short term) and business marketing opportunities (longer term) in the future.  You also get to use two very cool new widgets that allow you to display pins and boards on your own website, in real time (NOT screen shots!).

Rather than rewriting what a lot of more well funded bloggers have already written, I’ll simply refer you to Hubspot’s article about the change.  I expect they will keep it up to date as / if anything changes in the near future.

Two nifty new widgets are available from the Business Pinterest pages:

Pinterest Business Widgets

New widgets for Pinterest business users allow you to display pins and boards in your website, in real time.

Those last two are fun:  you can embed either a board, or your 30 most recent pins, in any page of your website.  You can embed each board on a related page of your website, if some of your boards relate specifically to work you create.

For my Karen Tiede Art Rugs account, I’ll be linking each color board to the appropriate page showing rugs in those colors. See the Purple Rugs page for an example of how it will work.

Karen Tiede is a rag rug weaver and reluctant social media marketer who discovered Pinterest for Business and lived happily ever after. Now she weaves recycled t shirts into beautiful rugs and teaches people in the portfolio professions how to use Pinterest to market their work.

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