How do I use If This Then That?

If This Then That, IFTTT by Cara McLeod @caradmc

If This Then That - IFTTT

If This Then That – IFTT

 Social Media is constant and it never sleeps. That’s why we are all trying to “manage” social media. If you are not on top of it you miss it!  I missed a tweet from one of my favorite local stores about a deal they were offering. Because I didn’t see the tweet I missed the deal. I wanted to find a solution to try and keep on top of information from my favorite sources.

That is when I discovered If This Then That or IFTTT. Their motto is, “Put the internet to work for you.”  You write what they call recipes. Recipes are essentially logic models with triggers and actions.

So I wrote my very first recipe:

 If @tastybeverage tweets, I will receive an email. Below is the recipe.

Picture 1

Pretty simple! Now whenever @tastybeverage tweets I receive an email and I never miss a deal.

 Then I started thinking about the other uses. I have blogs that I follow and wanted to make sure I was notified when they had new content. So I wrote another recipe:

Picture 2

That is how I used the recipes from a consumer stand point. Then I started thinking, how can I use this as a social media manager? Content curation is the first thing that came to mind. We are constantly trying to create new content for our consumers. Why not share information from other followers on Twitter?

 If you have organizations or people you follow that are social media influencers, you can retweet their content automatically. I work with a group of runners. When the magazine Running World tweets information out, I automatically retweet the information. I would use a word of caution, because it is automatic, you want to make sure you are working with trusted sources. I know that Running World is a trusted source that puts good information about running and nutrition.

Another option is when you have a new follower add you on twitter, write a recipe that says thanks for the follow! You can also write a recipe when people retweet your messages that says thanks for the retweet.

 Once you start using IFTTT you can see the recipes are endless! Check out their website at and Facebook Page at There are users that share their recipes and new tips and tricks. I encourage you to try and “manage” your social media using this new tool.

Connect with Cara McLeod on Twitter @caradmc Also found on LinkedIn at: Cara McLeod is also a graduate of The Social Media Management Certificate Training at NC State Technology Training Solutions