Tapping the Power of LinkedIn Groups

Your dream boardroom where all of the world’s businesses vie for an opportunity to work with your firm is not on the top floor of a smart Manhattan building or a downtown business center. It is in your pocket, your brief case and on your lap where you can disappear and reappear at will to listen to the frantic bidding during commercial breaks from True Blood or The Simpsons.

This magical place is in Linkedin groups.

As creative business-minded people, it is no secret that at least a quarter of the many hours that entrepreneurs spend launching a venture is spent acquiring resources. Where entrepreneurs often fall short is an inability to find new applications for already acquired and perhaps limited resources in order to create value.

LinkedIn, the professional networking powerhouse of the web, has become known for connecting business professionals, providing high quality news content and the ability to join groups by organizational affiliation, profession or interest.

Linkedin groups have the potential to expand the reach of your business and to receive the best value for your limited funds. LinkedIn allows members to create groups based around any interest for free.

A Linkedin group can allow a dress designer in Texas to create a group of overseas manufacturers to offer competitive quotes for mass production, or a wine bar in New York to discover the best independent vineyards of North Carolina.

It can be as simple as creating your group and attracting the right members. Write an attractive group description to catch the attention of your target audience. Then decide whether you want an open group or a private group which will require you to approve or decline members.

Make regular posts aimed at the groups’ purpose and continue to invite connections that may be of value to the group. Linkedin groups give you the power to create your own market space and connect with firms who function at every part of the supply chain.

Lomar Osbourne is a journalist, entrepreneur and publicist using traditional, social media, and unique integrated ways of bringing markets to what they love. A senior at Wake Forest University, among many activities, Lomar is a social media manager intern with Martin Brossman & Associates and a publicist intern with ClearSight Publicity.

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