The Book Launch for Social Media for Business

The book launch at the Center for Excellence

The Social Media for Business book release party took place August 4th at Raleigh’s Center for Excellence. Sixty business owners from around the Triangle joined us in celebrating the completion of putting our best understanding and practices for small and micro-business owners into one motivating and readable book. And it was exciting!

From left to right, Anora McGaha, Diogenes Ruiz and Martin Brossman

A number of friends came early and helped us set up – thank you very much! And many of our Team Nimbus, and inside919 friends and colleagues came. It was wonderful to see everyone, in a way celebrating the learning and work we’d done together in the past years.

A number of the contributors were able to join us: Dave Baldwin, Angel Lebak, Melissa O’Connor, Olalah Njenga, Beverly Mahone, Heather O’Sullivan Canney, Alice Osborne, Dave Park, Pat Howlett, Alex Ferguson, Glenn Cassidy, who contributed 2 haiku on social media, and Whitney Hill. The addition of their chapters make Social Media for Business all the richer and more useful. See a full list of the contributors on the Social Media for Business website.

Social Media for Business was written to help small and micro-business owners and managers know how to navigate and be successful in social media and Internet marketing. We want them to realize a true competitive advantage by staying close and relevant to their customers with the right multidimensional social media and Internet presence.

From left to right, Anora McGaha, Martin Brossman, Olalah Njenga, Drew Hill, Beverly Mahone and Pat Howlett

As co-authors we have combined experience of teaching many hundreds of business owners, and are engaged in ongoing work as social media managers. With that very current and informed experience, combined with chapters by twenty savvy professionals in the field, the goal for this book is to jump-start and strengthen small and micro-businesses.

The book was written with both the newcomer to social media and the more experienced users in mind. For more information and updates, subscribe to their blog: The Social Media for Business Book,

Purchase your copy of the book through the CreateSpace estore or through We greatly appreciate reviews on, and thank Karen Tiede, Cramer Gallimore and Angel Lebak for being the first reviewers.

You also have the opportunity to leave feedback on particular chapters on the website, since we’ve created a blog post for almost every chapter in the book.

Brossman and McGaha's Social Media for Business Book

Find down-to-earth, insightful, practical and valuable practices, tips, perspectives and explanations in Social Media for Business by Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha with chapters by 20 contributors. Written by small and micro business owners, with direct experience that can help and guide you in using the Internet and social media to grow your business, referral partners and your reputation, this book will help you and your business.

Short chapters so you can find what you’re looking for and get what you need to know fast.  If you haven’t read it yet, order it now. Amazon for $16.52. Or apply  Discount code: C47P9D2V when you order on CreateSpace for $16.00.

Let the tens of thousands of hours of research and experience represented in this book save you time and grow your business – for less than $23 delivered.  Read what reviewers have said on Amazon.

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