Becoming a Social Media Manager lists many social media related jobs by city and state

There are more social media related positions than there are people trained and ready to do the work. Lots of social media jobs, and many different titles.

The field is so dynamic it’s conjures up a wild west image. There are a lot of opportunities for freelance, part-time, full-time and consulting work in social media.

In the screenshot you’ll see we searched for “social media manager” in “what” field. On the left side of the screenshot you’ll see the results from prior searches on the same title for different areas, like Austin Texas, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL and New York NY.

If you’re looking for social media related work, makes it easy to get new job listings by email. See the little envelope just below the “what” field, with the words, “Get new jobs for this search by email.”

How do you get into social media if you’re not already doing it for business?

Many people are self-taught, learning by discovering. This is invaluable a constantly changing field like social media and Internet marketing. Creating your own accounts and experimenting with how to grow your network, your online content and your understanding of how everything interconnects is a first step.

You can accelerate your learning tremendously by getting an internship or volunteering with savvy and experienced Internet and Social Media professionals, trading work for knowledge. There is so much to learn that working with more experienced professionals can greatly accelerate your understanding and effectiveness.

How much experience is enough to qualify you for jobs in social media?

The range of knowledge and experience required for different social media positions varies greatly. View this diagram of the different functional areas that can be encompassed in a social media role, depending on what the goals are, the size of the company, and the size of the team. You may not need to know anything about Google Analytics for a coordinator position in social media, but the more you deepen your understanding the better your decisions will be.

Not everyone thrives on learning on their own, or has the initiative to seek out an internship or volunteer opportunity, so social media training programs will be important jump starters for those who are more comfortable learning within a structure.

How do you choose a social media training program?

In social media training there are hundreds if not thousands of choices. Knowing your own learning style and preferences is the first key, and the second is finding training that fits your budget.

  • Video recordings vs. text
  • Narrated slide shows vs. silent ones
  • Live in person events vs. live webinars online
  • Community learning vs. solo learning
  • Tests to check your learning
  • Graphics to illustrate the points
  • Screencasts to show you what you’d see online
  • Follow-up live Q&A via teleconference call
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Self-paced vs. structured

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Anora McGaha has been learning about social media and Internet marketing since 2008 when she first started blogging. She has since been a social media manager for several businesses and non-profits, expanding into press releases, articles, and photo videos. She co-developed the 13 module Social Media Manager Training Program for Martin Brossman & Associates which will be available in the Fall of 2012 on a quality online training platform.

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