How to Use Facebook Offers and Best Practices for Small Businesses

Facebook Business Offers

Facebook Business Offers

What are Facebook Offers?

Facebook Offers are a way for businesses, brands, and other organizations to share special discounts on items or services with their target consumers.


Offers are created by your business and posted to your business’ Facebook page. If and when someone claims your offer, they will receive an email as proof. They can show this email at your place of business (or whatever other location you designate) in order to redeem the discount or special offer.

*To be eligible to create a Facebook Offer, your company’s Facebook page must have at least 50 ‘Likes’.

By using Facebook Offers effectively, small businesses can benefit from increased sales to increased brand exposure, and more. Below, we outline 8 best practices for small businesses to keep in mind when creating Facebook Offers.

8 Best Practices For Creating Successful Facebook Offers

#1 – Know your budget; choose wisely.

Before doing any sort of advertising, always know what your budget is. The budget for your Facebook Offer will depend largely on one thing: the size of your target audience. The larger your target audience is, the more budget options you will have available. There are also options to create a customized budget.

#2 – Be clear about your claims.

Keep in mind that you’re creating an offer that someone will actually claim. Therefore, be sure that any and all language/intention surrounding your offer is crystal clear. When someone claims your offer, they’ll receive an email with details from you about how to redeem it at your business. The email will also include the terms and conditions and the expiration date of your Facebook Offer.

#3 – Choose an eye-catching image.

 Select an image that will draw people in and engage them with your brand/business. Photos sell big time on the Web. Be selective and deliberate in your choice, and make sure that the photo you use for your Facebook Offer is different from your Page’s profile photo as your Offer will usually display next to your Page’s profile image.

If possible, use a photo of actual people using your product/service or interacting with your brand in some way. Statistically speaking, these types of photos perform better.

#4 – Use a catchy headline.

Similar to reading newspapers and magazines, surfers of the Internet tend to scan headlines – so make sure that yours is great! Consider what you want to say about the Offer you’re trying to promote. What is the value? How will people benefit? Avoid cheesy marketing slogans. Remember – nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy.

#5 – Encourage company participation.

 Small businesses may not have a lot of staff members, but you can still be a powerhouse of promotion when you call all-hands-on-deck! Encourage staff members, friends, family and other colleagues to help you promote your Facebook Offer. First, however, take a little time to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what your Offer is about, and how people can redeem it.

#6 – Create a separate ad for ‘added’ promotion.

While word-of-mouth is always a great way to self-promote, creating a separate ad can also do wonders for boosting awareness. Again, you’ll want to consider your financial situation and create a separate budget for this.  Once you’ve created a separate ad for your Facebook Offer, pin your Offer to the top of your Facebook Page so folks will take notice.

#7 – Avoid overly complicated language. Keep it simple.

Besides the added value that you think you’re offering, how easy is it for folks to actually follow what you’re saying in order to redeem your offer? Avoid complicated language, jargon and excessive punctuation. On the other hand, avoid using “AOL” speak or “texting language”.  Instead, focus on clear, crisp, easy-to-understand sentences. Other factors you may wish to consider are: age, gender, occupation, and geographic area of your audience.

#8 – Don’t skimp on the discounts.

 After all, it is an offer…so, don’t offer something to somebody that they can’t use! When creating Facebook Offers, be sure to offer deeply discounted rates. Give people a reason to do a double-take. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

By Martin Brossman



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