Social Media for Business by Brossman and McGaha Uses QR Codes

2011 book cover adds QR Code to back cover
In an innovative step suggested by co-author Anora McGaha’s husband Martin McGaha, a QR code to the book’s website was added to the back cover.

The use of QR codes in advertisements in magazines and mail has increased enormously in recent months.

More small business stores are including the QR codes on printed sheets of paper in their store windows. Chains tend to have a fancier version of the QR code laminated, though still taped to their windows.
How many books have begun using QR codes on their covers is not yet known. Initial research on the “social media” section of Barnes and Noble didn’t show any as of June 2011.

Social Media for Business inserted QR codes at the end of several chapters asking readers for feedback and linking them to blog posts on their website to respond.

As we were finalizing the cover in June, reviewing the first proofs, Anora McGaha’s husband Martin McGaha suggested adding a QR code to the cover, and that led to Anora creating QR codes to specific blog posts on this blog, to make it quicker for readers to add comments on particular topics in the book. Several chapters have questions for readers to respond to, and now, a QR code for them to scan with a smart phone.
At the time, we hadn’t seen the use of QR codes either on book covers or within books or magazines to send readers to a site.
Researching this blog post today, we find that a book published in November 2010, QR Codes & Mobile Marketing for the Small Business Owner, by Michael Weir actually uses QR codes within the book.
Just a quick search, just as an indication, shows this:
A January 2011 post on Fast Company about creative uses of QR codes didn’t name books, but did suggest business cards as a good use.


Libraries and teachers were discussing QR codes in 2010.
And this spring 2011, more posts show up on QR codes related to books, outside of the library/teacher context. Here are just a few.

Another article is one that we can’t place in our timeline because they use the date-free practice to bypass our natural disdain for out of date information. Wildfire Marketing’s post How to Turn Print Media into Multi-Media Experiences Using QR Codes, lists using QR codes on covers as well as in the text of books.

Want to use a QR code on your cover? Inside your book or pamphlet?  In other printed materials? There are a few things to learn about.  Search Google or YouTube (if you prefer watching videos) for more information, and we’ll post more on another post.

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