Setting up a Gmail account and Google Plus

This post is just for people that do not have a Gmail account and how to set it up including connecting to Google Plus.
To get up a Gmail (Google email account) go here: , you will see the next image and select “Create an account”:
Signing up for Google Gmail

Signing up for Google Gmail

This will bring you to this screen and fill it out next:
Singup page for Google Gmail

Singup page for Google Gmail

On the next page you will see this (below). If you have a profile picture (square about 300 dpi) and know where it is on your computer you can click “add your profile picture” if you don’t just click “Next Step”. You can add the picture later too. At this point your name will show up in the area that says (Your Name will show up here) that I added to this picture to protect the confidential name of the person I set up for this example. Wherever your name would be from now on will have (Your Name) on the image.
Google Gmail signup

You are now signed up

Next you come to the Gmail Welcome screen:
gmail welcome

Gmail Welcome Screen

Following that you get to pick a Theme and just pick the default for now – Remember where it says “Your Name” or just “Your” that would be where YOUR Name would show up:
Pick your Theme for gmail

You can change the Theme later too.

Now click your first name in the upper left hand corner with at + in front of it. That will take you to your Google+ page:
gmail to google Plus

Select your first name with a + infront.

Just hit “Continue” for now, you can follow other people later:
Gmail suggested friends - Just hit continue

Just click continue

Next just continue again:
Google Plus

Select Continue Anyway

Next you and upload a square picture of yourself  for your Google + page but don’t have to. Click Finish to continue:
Google Plus

Fill in what you want, can add more later.

Next you are looking at your Google Plus Home page which will show updates from friends and things/businesses you are following:
This is your Google Plus Personal Profile page

This is your Google Plus Personal Profile page

Now you are done unless you want to connect to me on my Personal Profile page then you would type my name in the window to the right of the Google + “Martin Brossman” and add me to a “Circle”:

Google Plus

The first one is my Personal Profile and the second is my Business Page


Next you will see my Personal Profile if you selected the first Martin Brossman and need to add me to a Circle:

Martin Brossman's Personal Profile on Google Plus
Martin Brossman’s Personal Profile on Google Plus

You will next click on Add to Circles:

And pick a Circle or create one. The first time you will get a message:

Google Plus Circles
Adding me to your Google Plus Circles

Here is a little more explaing what adding someone to a Google Circle means:


Google Plus Circles

Love to hear your comments below.
Martin Brossman

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