Ways to Use Photos Creatively in Social Media

Wall Flowers. With a camera on your phone, you can catch a photo anytime!

Photos attract attention far faster than words do.

So how can we be creative with photographs?

For some people getting creative means figuring out what to take pictures of.

For other people getting creative means adding graphics and enhancing the photos, making photo collages or doing interesting things with framing, naming and captioning photos.

Creative Subjects for Photos?

For businesses with brick and mortar, it may be obvious to some people, but not to others.

Don’t miss the obvious: your entryway, parking, signs, interior decor, the inside of your store, your products, customers in your store, pictures of you and your staff, images from your website, graphics you make to promote your products or an event.

Don’t forget the locale, seasons and events: local weather, local places to go and see, your business in different seasons, holiday related decor you use, events that happen in your store or that you participate in, other businesses you support, your sponsorship of any local events.

Consider humor. Humorous photos are good but think twice about who your customers are and make sure they’re appropriate for your audience.

What are Some Creative Ways to Work with Photos?

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Add text to photos. If you add text to your photos, you can point out things that your customers might be interested in.

Add graphics to the photo. An arrow and a note showing how your products are twice as big as someone else’s. A circle to point out fine detail. A star to announce some savings.

Some simple photo editing tools. If you’re not a Photoshop user, you can use PowerPoint, Picasa photo editor or Paint to add text to photos. You won’t have high resolution (it’ll be a little fuzzy), but you can do it. Be sure to choose a color text and design that is visible on the photo.

Most of all…don’t miss out – have a way to take pictures with you – ideally all the time .

Camera phones and handy digital cameras. Having a camera on your mobile phone is the easiest way to be able to catch photos anytime anywhere. Or, you can also get an small digital camera that fits in your pocket. Download the photos daily or once a week to your computer, choose the good ones to save, delete the poor ones, and you’ll be building your own media library for your online publishing.

Whether catching your team doing what they do best, a ray of sunlight on a plant in your office, or a customer’s pet (if they approve), capturing pictures of the ordinary moments in your day to day work life can be easy and rich content for your online social media program.

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