Getting Started with Facebook: A Few Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Facebook Profiles – personal accounts are not for business. Facebook Pages are.

Nobody signs up for Facebook to get more advertising messages.

If you have a business, etc., feel free to post things, but don’t have that be ALL that you post!

Pages are intended for business, but profile accounts are not. That doesn’t mean you can’t post any here, (I recommend that you do – in a strategic way), but don’t overwhelm your friends with them!

Make sure your profile posts are more about you than about your business. And make sure that not all your Business Page posts are promoting your business.

Read and comment on other people’s posts.

People post on Facebook to share. It’s no fun when no one seems to notice 😉

Think and adjust privacy settings before posting pictures.

Remember that your pictures can not only be viewed by friends, but downloaded and shared as well. Think before you post them! I also suggest adjusting your privacy settings to have photos visible only to friends (especially if you are posting pictures of kids).

Links and viruses – think twice before clicking if it looks unusual.

I often find and click on great links posted on Facebook. However, it is important to note that there have been viruses known to take over individual accounts and post infected links under their names. Be sure to use a good antivirus program and don’t click on links that don’t look like something that friend would have posted.

Games can take over your life, use a timer to manage your time.

There are a lot of games on Facebook, and some people LOVE to play them. I personally don’t, but if you choose to, set a timer for yourself. A lot of people miss the great value of Facebook and complain that it’s ‘just a time sucker’ because they get caught up in playing games.

Watch how much time you spend on Facebook.

You can gain and give a lot via Facebook without spending days there! Set times in the morning and evening for it.

Post something of value to others daily.

Try to post something of value to others every day. Even if it is just a comment on something that they posted. Focus on what you can give more than what you can ‘get out of it’ and you will get a lot more out of it.

“The more that you give, the more you will receive”

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Heather O

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