Getting Started on Pinterest: Understanding What’s What

Now that you’ve found out how to setup your Pinterest profile in the earlier post: How to Use Pinterest: Setting up Your Pinterest Profile let’s get more familiar with Pinterest and understand what’s what.

Pinterest Lingo

A pin?  A pinner?  Repin?  English please!

Here are some definitions that you might want to know:

Pin: A image or video uploaded or added via the Pin It button

Pin It Button: A button that you may see on websites that you can click and pin it to one of your boards

Board: A set of pins

Pinner: A person that uses Pinterest and pins things

Repin: A image or video that a pinner reposted to one of their own boards

Like: A pin that a pinner likes, but is not posted to any of their boards.  It is displayed in the “Like” section of their profile.


Pinterest Homepage

After you logvin, you are brought to the homepage where you will see pins by the pinners you follow.

On the left you will see suggestions for friends to follow from Facebook and you will also see recent activity from the pinners you follow that have repinned, commented, or followed any of your pins or boards.


The menu below the Pinterest logo has different links to view the Pinterest site in different ways.

Pinners you follow + Everything + Videos + Popular + Gifts

The Pinners You Follow link simply returns you to the homepage. (See below.)

The Everything link displays pins from all the categories listed when you hover over the Everything link. You can click on a specific category to only show pins in that particular category.

The Videos link displays the videos that are posted.

The Popular link displays the most popular pins.

The Gifts link displays items you can buy from the prices listed when you hover over the Gift link.  You can click on a specific price range to only show pins that are in that particular price range.

On the top-right of the screen there are three links: Add +, About, and your name.

The first link you will see is the Add + link.

If this is clicked, it will bring up three options.  The options are Add a PinUpload a Pin, and Create a Board.

Add a Pin

After Add a Pin is clicked, you need the URL of the site you want to pin something from.

After entering the URL and clicking Find Images, a box is displayed with images from the site that you can choose from.  After you find the image you want, you can use the dropdown box to choose the board to pin to, add a description, and also post the pin you post to your Facebook profile.

Upload a Pin





After upload a pin is clicked, you choose an image or video from your computer.






After you find the image or video you want, you can use the dropdown box to choose the board to pin to, add a description, and also post the pin you post to your Facebook profile.





Create a Board






After Create a Board is clicked, you simply fill out the information and you have your own board you can put pins on.








You can also allow someone else to pin on your board.







On the top-right of the screen the second link you will see is the About link.  If you hover over this link you’ll find a menu which will direct you to all the information about Pinterest as well as a Help and Support page if you just can’t seem to figure out what to do on Pinterest.

The last link you will see on the top-right of the screen is your name. If you hover over your name you’ll find a menu which will direct you to finding friends, different parts of your profile, your settings, and logging out of the site. You can invite or find friends by using an email account or your Facebook account.  If you click on your name it will take you to your Pinterest profile.

This is where you’ll find how many followers you have, how many you’re following, your boards, pins, likes, and activity.

You can also edit your profile and change the way your boards are displayed here.


You can also choose your main board cover from any of the pins you posted on that particular board.


You may also want to describe what your board is all about and select the category the pins of your board fall under.


Now that you know all of that, you can start pinning. I hope you found this information helpful and it’s enough to get you started. Happy pinning!

Kia Tinsley is a software consultant with a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management from UNC Greensboro, and worked with us for a long summer internship as a Social Media Intern with Martin Brossman & Associates.

Martin Brossman & Associates is a Raleigh based firm providing social media training, workshops, management, talks and advising to micro businesses, small and medium sized businesses, professionals, associations and communities. Contact

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