Tapping the Power of LinkedIn Groups

Your dream boardroom where all of the world’s businesses vie for an opportunity to work with your firm is not on the top floor of a smart Manhattan building or a downtown business center. It is in your pocket, your brief case and on your lap where you can disappear and reappear at will to listen to the frantic bidding during commercial breaks from True Blood or The Simpsons.

This magical place is in Linkedin groups.

As creative business-minded people, it is no secret that at least a quarter of the many hours that entrepreneurs spend launching a venture is spent acquiring resources. Where entrepreneurs often fall short is an inability to find new applications for already acquired and perhaps limited resources in order to create value.

LinkedIn, the professional networking powerhouse of the web, has become known for connecting business professionals, providing high quality news content and the ability to join groups by organizational affiliation, profession or interest.

Linkedin groups have the potential to expand the reach of your business and to receive the best value for your limited funds. LinkedIn allows members to create groups based around any interest for free.

A Linkedin group can allow a dress designer in Texas to create a group of overseas manufacturers to offer competitive quotes for mass production, or a wine bar in New York to discover the best independent vineyards of North Carolina.

It can be as simple as creating your group and attracting the right members. Write an attractive group description to catch the attention of your target audience. Then decide whether you want an open group or a private group which will require you to approve or decline members.

Make regular posts aimed at the groups’ purpose and continue to invite connections that may be of value to the group. Linkedin groups give you the power to create your own market space and connect with firms who function at every part of the supply chain.

Lomar Osbourne is a journalist, entrepreneur and publicist using traditional, social media, and unique integrated ways of bringing markets to what they love. A senior at Wake Forest University, among many activities, Lomar is a social media manager intern with Martin Brossman & Associates and a publicist intern with ClearSight Publicity.

Martin Brossman & Associates is a Raleigh based firm providing social media training, workshops, management, talks and advising to micro businesses, small and medium sized businesses, professionals, associations and communities. Contact info@martinbrossmanandassociates.com.

How Are Facebook and LinkedIn Ads Working?

What’s your experience with Facebook or LinkedIn Ads? We’d like to hear from you.

(Updated September 21, 2011)

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are very exciting because of how easily you can specify who you want to target. The breadth of attributes that we have access to on Facebook is unparalleled, and certainly never been available at the low price point that Facebook currently offers. Do start by reviewing the Facebook Ad information on Facebook.

Facebook allows you to target the people who are connected with a certain Facebook Page. You can target interests that people have specified. You can target people who are not connected with a Facebook Page. Focus on a geographic area. Age groups. Relationship status. The choices are boggling, and exciting.

There are also several different types of ads.

Sponsored Stories which link to a post on Facebook.

Sponsored Ads which can link back to a Facebook Page or to an external website.

Facebook’s capabilities of offering viewers the chance to click and like an ad, or comment on it, add to the appeal, because it allows participation.

Though pricing on Facebook Ads is rising, there is still a world of possibility in this arena.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are on the whole more expensive than Facebook ads, and have a much narrower spectrum of attributes to target. They only list certain jobs and professions, and didn’t have the wide spectrum of interests to draw from in targeting ads. For targeting professionals in traditional occupations and geographies, LinkedIn hits the mark. For more creative targeting, Facebook is a wonderland.

To learn about LinkedIn ads, start at this LinkedIn ads page. With LinkedIn you can target people by variables like these:

  • Industry
  • Company and Size of Company
  • Geographic Location
  • Job Title or Job Function
  • Seniority or Rank by Title
  • Age
  • Affiliations by LinkedIn Groups


Learn more about Facebook Ads:

There are several resources for you to pursue in learning about Facebook Ads.

Like the Facebook Ads Page.  Facebook Ads Resources.

Here’s the Guide to Facebook Ad Marketing.

The Facebook content is a starting point, but is not as in-depth as some of us would like. As we discover better resources for you we will post them here.

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Linking Into Sales by Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer

Left to right - Martin Brossman, Greg Hyer and Gary Thomlinson at the launch of Linking Into Sales

Martin Brossman has collaborated with local small and microbusiness professionals in producing three books on social media.

His first, Brossman’s Social Media and Online Resources for Business Directory, was an introduction for business owners who were not using social media, or had just started. It was distributed locally in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and helped launch a number of micro businesses through teaching them how to get free quality exposure on the Internet.

Linking Into Sales by Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer

Linking Into Sales

The second book, is this one, Linking Into Sales, with Greg Hyer (center in the photo). Linking Into Sales is a step by step guide to using LinkedIn for sales and networking. They share exciting examples of how powerful LinkedIn is.

How are they qualified to write this book?

Martin Brossman has been offering Sales Coaching and Training since he left IBM in 1995 with a focus that integrates web resources to enhance trust and support the Sales Cycle.

Greg Hyer is the founder of Hyer Media, LLC and several online networking groups such as the Linking the Triangle and Linking DC groups on LinkedIn.com. Greg organizes networking events and conducts training on social media tools like LinkedIn.com.


Gary Thomlinson, on the right in the photo above, is a business strategy and execution consultant. He reviewed Linking Into Sales. Gary Thomlinson’s review. Below is a quote from Gary’s review.

“For example their book will help you discover some incredible ways to get the most out of your profile by enhancing it with a better format and infusing it with keywords so that you’ll be found. It will show you how to target customers, give and receive recommendations, join relevant groups to interact with and design your own weekly LinkedIn action plan. The lesson plans, throughout the book, are designed for the reader to take action. This goes beyond just being told what to do…it tells you how to do it.”

Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer maintain a podcast series on Linking Into Sales on the website recorded in a a recording studio with high quality audio. Topics include:

The Gift of Transparency

It’s Fake I Tell Ya!

Google Plus Overview and Insights

Old School is New School

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