How to Maximize Your Presence on Google+: Tips for Your Google + Personal Page, Business Page & Authorship

Olga Santo Tomás Monroe on Google Plus“It’s a moving target for it is evolving and upgrading fast.”  Martin Brossman (in regards to Google)

 Google+ Page:

Google+ is an efficient forum for people with like-minded interests to connect with each other.  Your Google+ profile (located on your Google+ Page) shares details about who you are as well as explaining how others can do business with you.  For example, besides telling about yourself, background, interests and current business involvement it’s helpful to include links, opportunities and alternative places where other contacts can communicate with you NOW.

I say NOW, because we live in a world where ease, convenience and access are essential.  If you have the means for someone to respond to their impulse to connect with you, NOW;  you are golden.  If not;  you are history.  When filling out your Google+ Profile, include your current employer, what you are doing & anything else relevant to your business/ interests.  To find prospects, connections and contacts, ‘cruise’ through Google+ (as if you were ‘channel surfing’ through your TV) to find others with similar interests, businesses and activities.

Google+ Business Page:

The Google+ Business page and Personal Page are different in that the Business page is like a brochure mixed with a business card and the Personal Page includes more about your personal activities.  However, if your profession takes up the majority of your personal activities then you will, likely, experience tremendous ‘business bonding’ through your personal page.

Google+ Business is a local business listing center, introduced by Google, to replace Google Place pages.  When consumers search for local products and services, these show up in the search results; making it easy for businesses to socialize with customers and prospects and for consumers to find local businesses.  Google+ Local pages integrates with Google Search, Google Maps and Google Mobile Maps.

Google Authorship:

Google Authorship is the next level to the world of Google.  Through Google Authorship you can link content you publish on a specific domain to your Google+ profile.  Sign up for Google+ and create a Google+ profile.  When you set up your personal page, make sure you have the following:

*a profile photo with a recognizable headshot.

*a byline containing your name that appears on every page of your content.

*a matching byline name to the name on Google + profile so that Google will be able to pick it up.  Google is a machine so everything has to match exactly or it won’t work.

As of this writing, you can only be the author of your personal page.  Go to–this is where you will link the content that you publish to a specific domain to your Google+ profile.

The few lines of text that appear under every search result (‘rich snippets’)—are designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query.  These rich snippets shows up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) along  with a lot of other information.

Tips to remember:

  • Make sure that your face is recognizable
  • Use your real name
  • Use this name across all your web properties
  • Add the Google + icon to your website
  • Keep the same image on your Google + profile face photo
  • Use your real name on YouTube.  YouTube & Google + are connected.  This gives you another authorship page.

Follow these principles across all of your web properties that you are an actual author on.  Adding Google+ website on all your posts, will increase rankings for you. Google+ Personal, Business and post pages will rank in the same way or better in searches than regular web pages.  Also, Google+ posts can keep their ranking without time limitations.


Branding, in today’s culture, is most known for a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service.  Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand.  Personal branding includes people and their careers marketed as brands.  Take advantage of this opportunity to link your Google+ profile (through Personal & Business Pages) to the content that you create.  It’s a very efficient way to maximize on ‘branding‘ and get yourself more visible on the internet¡

(Footnotes-ideas for this article came from Chris Brogan & Mark Traphagen)

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Setting up a Gmail account and Google Plus

This post is just for people that do not have a Gmail account and how to set it up including connecting to Google Plus.
To get up a Gmail (Google email account) go here: , you will see the next image and select “Create an account”:
Signing up for Google Gmail

Signing up for Google Gmail

This will bring you to this screen and fill it out next:
Singup page for Google Gmail

Singup page for Google Gmail

On the next page you will see this (below). If you have a profile picture (square about 300 dpi) and know where it is on your computer you can click “add your profile picture” if you don’t just click “Next Step”. You can add the picture later too. At this point your name will show up in the area that says (Your Name will show up here) that I added to this picture to protect the confidential name of the person I set up for this example. Wherever your name would be from now on will have (Your Name) on the image.
Google Gmail signup

You are now signed up

Next you come to the Gmail Welcome screen:
gmail welcome

Gmail Welcome Screen

Following that you get to pick a Theme and just pick the default for now – Remember where it says “Your Name” or just “Your” that would be where YOUR Name would show up:
Pick your Theme for gmail

You can change the Theme later too.

Now click your first name in the upper left hand corner with at + in front of it. That will take you to your Google+ page:
gmail to google Plus

Select your first name with a + infront.

Just hit “Continue” for now, you can follow other people later:
Gmail suggested friends - Just hit continue

Just click continue

Next just continue again:
Google Plus

Select Continue Anyway

Next you and upload a square picture of yourself  for your Google + page but don’t have to. Click Finish to continue:
Google Plus

Fill in what you want, can add more later.

Next you are looking at your Google Plus Home page which will show updates from friends and things/businesses you are following:
This is your Google Plus Personal Profile page

This is your Google Plus Personal Profile page

Now you are done unless you want to connect to me on my Personal Profile page then you would type my name in the window to the right of the Google + “Martin Brossman” and add me to a “Circle”:

Google Plus

The first one is my Personal Profile and the second is my Business Page


Next you will see my Personal Profile if you selected the first Martin Brossman and need to add me to a Circle:

Martin Brossman's Personal Profile on Google Plus
Martin Brossman’s Personal Profile on Google Plus

You will next click on Add to Circles:

And pick a Circle or create one. The first time you will get a message:

Google Plus Circles
Adding me to your Google Plus Circles

Here is a little more explaing what adding someone to a Google Circle means:


Google Plus Circles

Love to hear your comments below.
Martin Brossman

Google Plus at



Google+ is not the house on the hill, but it’s a good start.

Imagine the social media netscape as real estate. Every structure has its own unique qualities and is currently on the market with spaces to rent, to own and to expand.

Facebook is a huge subdivision of diverse homes situated somewhere easily accessible to nearby schools, shopping and dining. The neighborhood is also relatively easy to enter with lots and homes available on every budget.  These homes have optional top of the line appliances, hardwood floors, modern yet classic design and the ability to appeal to a wide variety of homeowners with minor tweaks; these homes are built to last and be used daily.

Twitter’s homes also appeal to a variety of people as vacation homes. They are not as functional as Facebook’s homes but, they meet the immediate need for a quick getaway.

LinkedIn is an upscale, downtown office building that hosts some of the largest and most influential businesses in the world.

MySpace has been condemned and the Homeowners Association is working to have the eyesore demolished so something better can be built. MySpace is also occupied by droves of garage band squatters.

On a vacant lot in some town that doubles as a travel destination and a business hub, an apartment building has been built. It is functional enough to be used as a permanent home, but stylish and inexpensive enough to serve as a second home for vacations and business trips. This apartment building is Google+.

Google+ is formatted as a streaming news feed like Twitter, but with the added benefit of being able to target a post to a particular audience without a word count restriction. (You could say, like… Facebook.)

With many of the favorite features of the  social media powerhouses of Facebook and Twitter, Google+:

  • recommends people to follow,
  • people you know,
  • gives you the ability to group your connections into categories and,
  • to broadcast post to those particular audiences without broadcasting to other groups or the public.

Organizing connections into groups called Circles makes it easy to send out a quick message, whether it’s talking about about the company baseball game to colleagues, or sharing baby pictures of the new family member with college classmates from a decade ago.

Google+ has a lot of the great standard features of internet social media sites to tickle the fancy of the social media butterfly if approached in a smart, fresh way.

Aside from the seamlessly integrated messenger, the ability to instantly upload even large posts containing multimedia and the clean minimalistic design, Google+ integrates all of the features given you on your desktop browser with your mobile browser, the Google+ app for iOS and Android. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Google+ on mobile allows you to search for connections, to create events and utilize all Google+ features with the same ease and speed as with your desktop so there is no need to ever log in from your desktop.

A few of my favorite features of Google+ are Local, Events, Photos, and Google Hangouts.

Google+ Local

The local section makes it easy to discover new neighborhood destinations or great restaurants near your hotel on vacation. It uses GPS technology to find only the results that are relevant to you, helping you find restaurant and club reviews and what’s hot around the city.

Google+ Events

Events on Google+  is an event planner’s best friend. It allows you to create quick and stunning invitations to organize a meeting, a reunion with friends, or a party. Google+ Events allows the guests to be the event photographer with instant live photo sharing so that you never have to worry about tracking down the best pictures from the office holiday party. All of the memories are all in one place without the need to send out the usual pleading email for pictures and no filtering through the responses. Best of all, accepted event invitations automatically sync with Google Calendar.

Google+ Photos
Google+ Photos is like that little vacuum, floor cleaning, robot that became so popular several years back. Not that it makes your photos disappear, but it keeps them from cluttering up valuable space, like your phone’s already limited drive space. Google+ allows you to automatically and instantly upload pictures and video from your phone’s hard drive directly to a private photo album online without the need for wires or synching with your pc first.  It makes it easy to upload and share your memories, or keep them for your private collection, and keeps  your phone clutter-free so that no memory is ever lost and that there is always room for new ones.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts succeeds where Facebook failed with its recent Skype integration into Facebook chat. Creating a Hangout on Google+ allows you to invite your friends to a traditional chat room setting with nontraditional features. In a Hangout you and friends can share text and audio as well as all of your cameras simultaneously so you can come face to face with your loved ones and coworkers from across town or across the world. Hangouts allow you to host free virtual meetings our casual conversation with friends. Google+ takes Hangouts from awesome to amazing with the ability to broadcast live to the world with just a few clicks unleash your inner artist or your inner broadcaster.

Google+? Thumbs Up

Google+ might be the next level of social media at our finger tips, eliminating the need for multiple accounts on multiple sites like uStream and Picasa. Amazingly efficient and effortlessly integrated into the family of Google products, Google+ combines the best of Facebook and Twitter with a few smart, new features for promising results.

Lomar Osbourne is a journalist, entrepreneur and publicist using traditional, social media, and unique integrated ways of bringing markets to what they love. A senior at Wake Forest University, among many activities, Lomar is a part time intern in social media management with Martin Brossman & Associates, and publicity with ClearSight Publicity. Follow on Twitter @LomarOsbourne.

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