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Social Media for Business by Brossman and McGaha Uses QR Codes

Social Media for Business by Brossman and McGaha Uses QR Codes

In an innovative step suggested by co-author Anora McGaha’s husband Martin McGaha, a QR code to the book’s website was added to the back cover. The use of QR codes in advertisements in magazines and mail has increased enormously in recent months. More small business stores are including the QR codes on printed sheets of paper […]

Acronyms for ROI for Social Media

Acronyms abound in the creative online world of social media. The traditional Return on Investment concept (ROI) has been very creatively varied to make different points and to entertain. What “Return on…” acronyms and concepts have you seen online?

How Are Facebook and LinkedIn Ads Working?

What’s your experience with Facebook or LinkedIn Ads? We’d like to hear from you. (Updated September 21, 2011) Facebook Ads Facebook ads are very exciting because of how easily you can specify who you want to target. The breadth of attributes that we have access to on Facebook is unparalleled, and certainly never been available […]

Social Media by Industry

Social media and internet marketing strategies need to be customized to your industry, your geographic reach, and your business culture. Understanding best online practices for your industry requires some in-depth thought and experience. What great resources have you found for your industry? Share them here.