Estimating Time for Your Social Media Program

How much time does it take for a social media program?

How much time does it take to participate in social media for business?

Just about everyone discusses this question when talking about social media for business.

Many people have said they don’t have time.

Others say they do it by the clock – schedule 10-30 minutes a day or every few days, and log into their accounts to read what’s there and post topics.

There’s a basic physics concept that applies here. When you skim the surface you can go faster. Going deeper slows things down.

  • Posting news and links related to your business itself doesn’t take a lot of time. But figuring¬†out what to post if you don’t have obvious news does.
  • Short simple blog posts can be quick. If you’re someone who thinks of ideas easily and you’re comfortable writing, you’re way ahead. But if not, it takes time to research topics, to write and edit them, choose the categories, tag words, summary, find a photo, edit it if needed, and proof it all, make any needed corrections and proof again.
  • Then there are technical slow downs. The photo doesn’t line up right. The text isn’t formatting right. Little things like that can take a lot of time. The post just won’t look right if it’s not formatted well.

An hour for a blog post can seem like a lot – even enough for 4 – 6 posts if they are short and simple and don’t take editing or research… ¬†Or you could need 2 hours if you want to express more complex ideas, doing research to give examples, or looking for the right photo to put with it.

And if you’re going to optimize your social media content by researching keywords and choosing good links, that’s yet another layer.

How much time you’re going to need depends a lot on how deep you want to go. Since blog posts are lingering digital assets, investing more time to enhance the content isn’t a bad idea. Know what you’re going for in your own work, and take that into account with whoever is working with or for you on it.