What is the NextDoor app?

NextDoor App

NextDoor App

I learned about the Nextdoor App from someone that was talking about their neighbors like they just all met together the other day at someone’s house. I asked how they stayed so connected

I realized it was not an in-person meeting but a smartphone app called Nextdoor. I had heard of it before but that thought “one more app and thing to do” stopped me from trying it out at first. I have since met many people that use the app to stay connected as a homeowners’ association and love the app –you do not have to be in a homeowners’ association   to use this app. I have now joined it and am working to get more of my neighbors to download it and join.

The Nextdoor App is explained well by cnet, “It’s designed to help neighbors connect and communicate online about important information, services, and goings-on in their specific communities. Being neighborly has somehow gotten lost in the digital era. Nextdoor is working to reverse that.

Nirav Tolia, Nextdoor’s co-founder and CEO, told CNET, “People are using the technology to bring back a sense of community.” And that’s a good thing considering the majority of Americans only know some of their neighbors names and 28 percent don’t know any of their neighbor’s names, according to a Pew Research report.

I remember when I visited japan many years ago I found that they had very low crime. It was not because the police were more effective but all the neighbors were paying attention and communicating. Nothing could happen in my friend’s town Maebashi Japan without someone knowing about it and reporting it as suspicious. Our neighborhood watch is a very good idea but often is just a bunch of signs that people ignore over time.  Email lists can be of value but most of us are overwhelmed with email and it can get a bit spammy if you always say reply to all. The Nextdoor App seems to be filling a clear void. You can participate as little or as much as you want.

How does it work and how do I sign-up?

Go to your app store on an iPhone or Android phone and search for Nextdoor or you can sign-up on-line at https://nextdoor.com/ then download the app and sign in. The app will ask for enough information to do its best in verifying that you live where you say you live. Here is a link to see a demo of it in action:http://demo.trynextdoor.com/news_feed/ . Take a little time to learn about using it and maybe talk in person to another neighbor that has it. It has categories like: lost & found, free items, crime & safety and much more. Including who has Christmas lights to see for the Holidays.

I know some of you are asking: “Is it perfectly secure, can you guarantee that?” No I cannot, but neither is your front door, the internet, your car or especially an email list (that can be easily hacked or shared with anyone) 100% secure. As someone that has been consulting and teaching Social Media for businesses for now 7 years I can say that they have made every effort to keep it safer and more secure than email, Craigslist or anything else we use on the web or your own home/car.

Once you have fully set up your Nextdoor App you can set the level of updates and emails you get by going into the “Settings” and then checking or un-checking Notifications.  On the Android “Settings” is found selecting the menu area in the lower left hand corner of your phone. On the iPhone it is found off the main menu by selecting the 3 lines in the upper left corner under “Invite Neighbors”.

Check out the website at https://nextdoor.com/ and watch the video: http://bit.ly/nextdoorvideo . I hope to see you on the Nextdoor app if you are in my neighborhood!

A video about how a neighborhood is using it to make their area safer:

Neighbors Stay Safe Thanks to Nextdoor App.

 Neighbors help neighbors with Nextdoor app

Explaining NextDoor:

How to change the settings in the Nextdoor.com page:

Link to a article by WRAL in Raleigh NC about Nexdoor – Website takes neighborhood watch online:

Link to an interview with the founder of Nextdoor Talks Growth, “Now Being Used In One In Six Neighborhoods In The US”
How are you using the NextDoor app?

Steps if you want to use it;

1) Get the app from you app store on your smart phone or go on line to: NextDoor.com and sign up. You will need to prove you live in the neighborhood.

2) Invite your neighbors and ask them to invite their neighbors, explaining why you want to use the NextDoor app.  If you want to share this article you can by sharing this short URL on your phone: http://bit.ly/ndpost .

3) Find the settings to control what and how many messages you get.

4) Use NextDoor and help your community!

5) Post below how NextDoor has helped your community

by Martin Brossman
(919) 847-4757