Kindle Fire Mini Review

Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon designed a tablet named the Kindle Fire specifically for reading with other features such as movies, apps, and more for $199.  Amazon has five versions of the Kindle with the Fire being the most recent one.  The other Kindle’s are pretty dull compared to the Kindle Fire.  For starters, the previous Kindle’s were not in color.  The Kindle Fire has a beautiful and colorful interface with many more features that gain the attention of a bigger audience.  It’s definitely not just for reading magazines, books, and newspapers anymore.

In addition to reading, the Kindle Fire now allows you to download apps, browse the web, play music, video, and movies.  If you’re an Amazon Prime user you get unlimited access to a big collection of movies and TV shows.  If you’re not an Amazon Prime user like me, but have a Netflix or Hulu account, you can still have a pretty good collection of movies and TV shows once it is downloaded from the app store.  I like the app store on the Fire.  Everyday there is a paid app that is the editor’s pick that can be downloaded for free.  A user can discover new apps that they may not have discovered because they would have never paid for it.  I think this feature is pretty cool because who doesn’t love free stuff!?

The reading on the Kindle Fire is great except there are no page numbers which I find kind of annoying.  There are location numbers instead of page numbers and I don’t really understand that design.  Along with the location, it tells you the percentage of the book you have read which is more helpful than telling what location I’m at.  Amazon should get rid of the location design, keep the percentage, and add page numbers.  Hopefully Amazon will fix this in an update one day.

The Kindle Fire is fairly easy to use.  I was able to take it straight out of the box and get started.  I would recommend the Kindle Fire to anyone who is looking for a device where you can read as well as do other things you may be interested in that you can get from other tablets, but at a more reasonable price.

Kia Tinsley is a software consultant with a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management from UNC Greensboro, working as a Social Media Intern with Martin Brossman & Associates.

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