Accessing Files on the iPhone when iTunes Doesn't Recognize It

View of the detailed data files on an iPhone 4S made possible by DiskAid

When you connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, is it difficult to see your data other than your photos? As an active voice recorder user, finding the voice memos to download wasn't easy because of a problem with iTunes recognizing a new iPhone.

Researching the problem online, and not finding any immediate solutions, this application showed up in one of the searches: DigiDNA's DiskAid. With a free version, it looked like it might be the quick solution. Look at all the data you can see, in contrast, to the small image below, which was what was showing up on before.

View of iPhone data when iTunes doesn't recognize the iPhone. Only 2 photo (+ video) folders are showing here.

You may see more files when you dock your iPhone to synch with iTunes, but in this case, there is a synching problem because iTunes not recognize the replaced iPhone.

Looking for a fast solution, since initial efforts to get iTunes to recognize the new iPhone weren't working, DiskAid looked like a good option.

However, taking a closer look, there's a nice clear chart on DigiDNA's site that demonstrates that only a few functions are free. To copy or download what we're most likely to be interested in: music, videos, SMS contacts, voicemail, voice memos and other data, the license is currently at $24.95. So now the trade-off is less clear. Solve the iTunes recognition issue, so iTunes will show all the iPhone file details, or spend $24.95 to get instant access to the voice recordings.

Having tables that show the free features of an app compared to the paid ones are a new standard, and DigiDNA did it well. Next time this reader will have to check that part out sooner!

Having trouble accessing your iPhone data in Apps, Voice Memos, Notes or Messages? Need a quick solution?  DiskAid could be what you need if  you don't mind the $24.95 tag for convenience.