The Latest on Email Marketing Pricing for Startups

Are you starting out in business? You’re probably watching every $ you commit to spend, trying to keep your monthly expenses low while you launch your business. Keeping your expenses down prolongs the amount of time you have to get your business going.

Often people starting out in business think they don’t need to have an email marketing service. But once you start emailing for your business, there are laws you need to know about, like the CAN-SPAM Act. Read contributor Greg Hyer’s post about what to do before you start email marketing.

The email marketing options talked about in the Raleigh area among micro business owners on the micro business owner professional network are these:

Subscribers ———– ———– ———–
Provider Notes Under 500 501 – 2501 – 5001 – 10,000

(15% Non-Profit Discount)

Has a Forever Free plan up to 2000 subscribers. $10 $15 to 1000 

$30 to 2500

$50 $75
Constant Contact 

(Non-Profit Discount)

Save 10 – 20% by prepaying 6 or 12 months. $15 $30 $50 $75

(Free accts to NC Non-Profits, discounts to other Non-Profits)

Annual prepay discounts. $10 $19 to 1000 

$29 to 2500


$47 $74

Fee to use PLUS

Fee for subscribers

(Non-Profits get 3 months free, then 25% off)

Fee to use can be paid 

Monthly -$19

Quarterly – $49

Annually – $194

Monthly Rate of  $19 

includes up to 500 subscribers

Add $10 



Add $30 



Add $50 



Disclaimer: If you discover that something here isn’t accurate, please add a comment here.  It is our intent that this be correct, though companies frequently change their pricing and terms.

Since this post is focused on startups and micro businesses, pricing for over 10,000 subscribers was not included, but is available. Plans also have different services, features, and discounts, which could not be easily represented in this post, so please study your proposed provider thoroughly.

3 Things to Do Before You Start Email Marketing for Business

Email marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive digital marketing techniques available to businesses today. Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) in the marketing arsenal. According to the Direct Marketing Association in 2010, email marketing returned and average of $42 for every dollar spent. (Keep in mind that this is an average generated from a survey of top rated corporate marketing departments. )

Before you get going with email marketing you should do at least three things. Even before you select an email marketing service provider. These tasks should be done as part of your initial research. From these tasks you should be put on the right path to begin email marketing. [Read more…]