Why Google Drive is Attracting Small Business

Google Drive for Small Business

If reducing or eliminating cost, simplifying operations, and maximizing efficiency sound like a good game plan for your business, consider using Google Drive for document creation and cloud-based file management and storage. Formerly known as Google Docs, Drive contains an integrated suite of productivity applications able to assist businesses with organization, communication and collaboration. Available Drive applications are similar to Microsoft Office and include Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Forms, and Drawing software. No need to purchase and install expensive business application programs.

Five reasons that Google Drive is the way to go for small business:

1.     No more expensive file servers, software licenses, and IT support costs! Google Drive file storage is available for free, or for a low monthly fee depending upon your storage/business needs. Individual users receive 15 GB of free storage which is shared across Drive, Google Mail, and Photos. While uploaded or synced documents and e-mail attachments use up storage space, Google documents and e-mail do not. Not enough space for you? Consider establishing a Google Drive for Work account with unlimited storage and custom domain e-mail addresses among other business features. Concerned about backup of important business documents stored in the Cloud? Both the new Google Drive and Google Drive Classic can be downloaded to your computer and documents synchronized between the two. Changes made to your online documents are automatically synced to those stored on your computer and vice-versa. Use your local Google Drive for those times when the Internet is not available. The next time you’re connected, the local Drive will sync up with the cloud. When using Google’s free to low-cost solutions, money can be allocated to other business needs.

2.     Do you find that you are increasingly doing business remotely while on the go? Google Drive provides users with flexible, secure, cloud-based access anytime, anywhere from mobile and traditional Internet-connected devices. Simply open your Internet browser and get started. In addition, Google offers reliable band-width and server up-time. Last year Google Drive was available an impressive 99.985% of the time according to experts. Is security a concern? Google encrypts data while in transit and in storage.

3.     Compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems, Drive eliminates issues with creating and sharing documents across a variety of platforms. Simply upload your document or convert it to a Google Doc for editing, and export or e-mail, if desired, as the original document-type. No more worries about file compatibility.

4.     Ease of use is important to employee productivity. Google Drive/Docs are feature-rich, but easy to use and recognizably similar to other popular software applications. Documents may be easily organized and managed within the Google file directory structure. No more “Oops!” Google’s auto-saving feature prevents users from accidentally losing data. Parlez-vous français? Google Docs will easily translate your client’s document into one of forty-five different languages! And if you enjoy Google’s search capabilities, you’ll love the ability to research and locate resources from within the various productivity applications. Drag that link or image right onto the page from the research pane. Looking for other time-savers? Checkout the library of Google templates. Chances are another business owner has shared a template for you to use. Even better, Google Drive is part of a suite of Google Apps that includes E-Mail, Calendar, Hangouts, Chat, Voice, Maps, Sites, Google +, YouTube and more-all available by single sign-on from the same account. Time saved is money earned.

5.     Probably the best feature of Google Drive/Docs is the ability to share file folders and documents with as many as two hundred people. No more e-mailing documents back and forth for input or time spent merging documents. Imagine sharing a project spreadsheet during your remote meeting while team members simultaneously view and edit data collaboratively in real-time. In addition, Google offers great version control tools for tracking/managing changes or rolling back to previous configurations.

For any business, Google is a great option, but especially for small businesses and start-ups. As work becomes more and more mobile and your organization’s demands more costly, consider the features and flexibility of Google’s cloud-based solution to improve your ROI and to move your enterprise successfully to the next level.

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