Using Video for Social Media

Social media strategy is not a catch-phrase, it is a vital part of any marketing campaign. It is pointless having a social media presence if you do not understand why you are there in the first place. Pay attention to the resources necessary to execute a successful strategy, as you would for other parts of your business.

If your strategy is to simply use social media as a broadcast tool for your wares, then hiring a professional videographer may be the best option for you. However, if your strategy includes engaging your fan base, then you can certainty create your own videos for your social media campaign.

Video is a very effective tool in your social media arsenal – it can be fun and engaging. Using video can add a personal touch that is difficult to convey with only words and pictures. A video will allow the viewer to know you, your staff and your business thus creating a deeper personal connection to your brand.

What equipment will you need? You will need a high definition (HD) video camera. The appeal of an HD video camera lies in its excellent video quality. HD camcorders shoot in 1920 x 1080 high definition video, which is the highest resolution available.

You will find it wise to invest in a tripod. The tripod ensures that the camcorder is stable, steady, and centered.

You may need a microphone, depending on the quality of sound you get from the camcorder. If you haven’t yet bought a video camera, ideally get one with an external mic jack.

Posting your videos on Facebook, MySpace, and local social networks.

If you plan to use videos on Facebook, MySpace, and local social sites, it is important to understand your target audience. The attention span of people watching video on social networks is probably quite short, so keep your videos under 30 seconds. The viewer is not likely to be interested in watching a long drawn out monologue. More likely they want to see and understand your business, products staff and reasons why they should keep following you.

30 Second Videos: What Do People Want to Know?

People are interested in your brand, your industry, your products and your services. Don’t make the mistake of focusing only on your products and/or services – introduce yourself and your staff. A personal connection is invaluable in branding your business. Make your videos interesting by showcasing a combination of these things. Be creative! Take people on a tour of your facility. Show real people using your products / services. Interviews with your employees, or employee skits are entertaining options for viewers. The options are endless!

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