Becoming a Social Media Manager lists many social media related jobs by city and state

There are more social media related positions than there are people trained and ready to do the work. Lots of social media jobs, and many different titles.

The field is so dynamic it’s conjures up a wild west image. There are a lot of opportunities for freelance, part-time, full-time and consulting work in social media.

In the screenshot you’ll see we searched for “social media manager” in “what” field. On the left side of the screenshot you’ll see the results from prior searches on the same title for different areas, like Austin Texas, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL and New York NY.

If you’re looking for social media related work, makes it easy to get new job listings by email. See the little envelope just below the “what” field, with the words, “Get new jobs for this search by email.”

How do you get into social media if you’re not already doing it for business?

Many people are self-taught, learning by discovering. This is invaluable a constantly changing field like social media and Internet marketing. Creating your own accounts and experimenting with how to grow your network, your online content and your understanding of how everything interconnects is a first step.

You can accelerate your learning tremendously by getting an internship or volunteering with savvy and experienced Internet and Social Media professionals, trading work for knowledge. There is so much to learn that working with more experienced professionals can greatly accelerate your understanding and effectiveness.

How much experience is enough to qualify you for jobs in social media?

The range of knowledge and experience required for different social media positions varies greatly. View this diagram of the different functional areas that can be encompassed in a social media role, depending on what the goals are, the size of the company, and the size of the team. You may not need to know anything about Google Analytics for a coordinator position in social media, but the more you deepen your understanding the better your decisions will be.

Not everyone thrives on learning on their own, or has the initiative to seek out an internship or volunteer opportunity, so social media training programs will be important jump starters for those who are more comfortable learning within a structure.

How do you choose a social media training program?

In social media training there are hundreds if not thousands of choices. Knowing your own learning style and preferences is the first key, and the second is finding training that fits your budget.

  • Video recordings vs. text
  • Narrated slide shows vs. silent ones
  • Live in person events vs. live webinars online
  • Community learning vs. solo learning
  • Tests to check your learning
  • Graphics to illustrate the points
  • Screencasts to show you what you’d see online
  • Follow-up live Q&A via teleconference call
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Self-paced vs. structured

Read more about social media training:

Costs of Social Media Training

Kinds of Social Media Training

Anora McGaha has been learning about social media and Internet marketing since 2008 when she first started blogging. She has since been a social media manager for several businesses and non-profits, expanding into press releases, articles, and photo videos. She co-developed the 13 module Social Media Manager Training Program for Martin Brossman & Associates which will be available in the Fall of 2012 on a quality online training platform.

For more information about Martin Brossman & Associates‘ social media training, and social media manager training, contact

Social Media for Business a Kindle Bestseller

Brossman & McGaha's Social Media for Business a Kindle Marketing Bestseller

Social Media for Business on Kindle

While doing a Kindle Select free promotion for several days in early July, 2012, for the first anniversary of the book, Social Media for Business became a Kindle Marketing bestseller in three countries at the same time on its 1 year anniversary: the US, the UK and Germany. A wonderful way to celebrate the book!

The promo also allowed us to learn more about how Kindle Select Promotions work on the different national sites, and where exactly our book, Social Media for Business, was available and reported in the bestseller listings. It may surprise you.

Social Media for Business is available for almost instant download as a Kindle ebook on 6 of Amazon's 8 sites. No actual Kindle is needed, the downloads can go to smart phones and PCs or Macs. Neat!

Here are the links to Social Media for Business by country:

US Amazon Kindle Ebook

UK Amazon Kindle Ebook

Germany's Amazon Kindle Ebook

Spain's Amazon Kindle Ebook

France's Amazon Kindle Ebooks

Italy's Amazon Kindle Ebooks

Though our book was available as an ebook on all those sites, it wasn't available as a Kindle download on two of the country sites. What's more, only 3 of Amazon's country sites provide in-depth reporting, so it seems, for Free Ebooks.

Japan and Canada Amazon Sites Don't Offer Kindle Ebooks

Social Media for Business is on Amazon Japan, but not as an ebook.

Two of Amazon's country sites only sell paperback copies of Social Media for Business:

Amazon Japan and,

Amazon Canada.

For more information about some of the differences in Kindle book listings on Amazon's international sites, and how how free books are reported on bestseller lists in each of the countries, click on the link in this paragraph.

Anora McGaha is co-author of Social Media for Business with Martin Brossman. They offer training, advising and social media marketing programs for small businesses through Martin Brossman & Associates.

Free Business & Social Media Books via Kindle Free Ebooks

Free Business & Social Media Books via Kindle Free Ebooks

You may not realize that there are tremendous resources for business and social media available from Amazon for free through Kindle Free downloads.

Take a look at the categories in the screenshot on the left:

Fiction & Non Fiction, and within Non-Fiction you'll find Business & Finance, the business category. That's where you'll find books on social media, like Social Media for Business. (Though you could also find them in Computers & Internet, Reference, and Self Help-How To.)

Amazon Kindle books sell at the following country sites internationally:  UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We're not finding them on Amazon Japan or Canada.

The Marketing book categories seem to vary a little across country sites, but try these links, below.

The UK's Kindle Marketing EBooks

Germany's Kindle Marketing EBooks

Spain's Kindle Business EBooks – Very few free ebooks in the larger categories, and non in the sub-categories. The Kindle Direct Publishing Free promotions do not seem to be propagating onto the bestseller lists.

France's Kindle Marketing & Publicity Ebooks – No free ebooks in this section, and only French books in the general Business category. Like on Spain's site, the Kindle Direct Publishing promotions do not seem to be reaching France's bestseller lists.

Italy's Kindle Business EBooks – Very few free business ebooks, and non in the marketing strategy category. Like Spain and France's sites, the Kindle Direct Publishing promotions do not seem to be reaching Italy's bestseller lists.

Kindle Access Limited by Country

Here is the German Kindle Bestseller list, showing top paid books on the left, and top free books on the right. This is the same as Kindle Bestseller lists on the US, UK, Germany and Spain. Italy and France only show free bestsellers at the larger category level, and very few.

It seems you must be a registered user with an address within the region in order to order Kindle books. For example, as an American, I can not order books from the UK's Kindle site. But to view them, all I have to do is log out, because Amazon's cookies don't recognize me on their international sites if I'm logged out.

Add Search Kindle Bestsellers to Your To Dos

It's well worth searching the categories for topics of interest and seeing what's there. You could search once a week, but specials may last only a day, so a quick daily search would be useful.

Anora McGaha is co-author of Social Media for Business with Martin Brossman. They offer training, advising and social media marketing programs for small businesses through Martin Brossman & Associates.

Social Media for Business is available on Amazon Kindle in the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy, and in paperback on those sites, as well as Amazon Japan and Amazon Canada.

Matrix of Social Media Related Functions

As the world’s businesses, organizations and associations commit themselves to the rich (and demanding) presence possible with social media on the Internet, work in social media is growing exponentially.

One of the challenges however is that the circle of what is included in social media is drawn in dozens of different sizes. The work could be as small as creating 140 character tweet messages in HootSuite or another scheduling site and scheduling them. Or it could be as big as managing social media as one part of the organization’s marketing department, or marketing and customer service department.

This graphic shows the inner circle of what is considered social media in red – managing content on social media sites. Natural extensions that deepen the value and effectiveness of social media efforts are in blue: Copywriting, SEO & SMO, Website Integration and Google Analytics. Further extensions can go deeper into into technical dimensions of photography and graphic design, or videography; or stretch into advertising and marketing campaigns.

The lines can be drawn in a gazillion ways, and the circle of what’s included in a social media related job can be unique to every job and every company. What functions don’t you see bundled, that you should see?

[Updated 6/7/2012 at 2pm]

Look for New Scoring on Google+ Local

On May 30th 2012, Google announced that they were rolling out Google + Local with Zagat reviews. They have since been working on changing over all the Google Places pages into Google + Local.

They look different. They are integrated with Google + with access to Google+'s features on the left sidebar, and, they have a scoring system.

Scoring for the business.

Scoring for the reviewers.

For the business, the scale is from 0 – 30, with 26 – 30 being “Extraordinary to Perfection”; Zagat uses a 0 – 30 system.

For the reviewers, “Individual users”, scores go from 0 – 3, with 3 being “Excellent”.

Martin Brossman and I have worked closely with Raleigh area caterer, Catering by Design since 2009, through Carolina Web Consultants, and so I took a look this morning at what his scores looked like.

Here you see an overall score of “27” for the business, and we've clicked on the “?” in the gray circle to see the pop-up Scoring Guide.

The Zagat Score can show a variety of dimensions, but they weren't available here.

Below the Overall Score, you see a review by Martin showing up because he is in my circles, and below that, the reviews, his showing first because he is the only reviewer in my circle.

Currently there are 14 Google reviews for Catering by Design, and you'll see that Martin Brossman's “individual user score” is “3” or Excellent.

We've always known that we could click on individual reviewers and see what other reviews they'd given if we wanted to see how much weight we could put in their review. Now, Google is actually giving reviewers a grade.

Next, take a look at this next screenshot.

A year or more ago, a short an unusual negative review was posted. When it was discovered it created some concern. We clicked on their “user name” and saw many dozens of negative reviews, including a few positive ones, but mostly negative, for all different kinds of businesses. While we felt confident this was not a legitimate customer, others might not know that. Today, this reviewer has a “0” associated with their name.
Whereas previously this reviewer had a username we could click on to see their history, today we can't access any of that.

I did also notice that my own review showed me as a shadow named “A Google User” even though I was logged in. I'll be watching to see if that changes over time.

It looks like Catering by Design's Google Places page was automatically converted to Google + Local, but I found a help page on Google about how to convert from Google Places to Google + Local,:

“If you used Google Places before, you can move your old content into Google+ Local. When you first write reviews or upload photos in Google+ Local, we’ll ask what you want to do with your old reviews and photos. You’ll have two options:

    • Move all of your content and attribute it to your Google+ name
    • Keep all or some of your content private”

Change is the constant on the Internet, and will continue to be. It sure keeps us on our toes, learning what we have to do next in response to each change. For now, it looks like if you're a local business, you'll need to be on Google +, as yourself (the owner or manager), and you'll have a chance to fill out and build on your Google + Local site.

At least at initial glance it looks like we're going to have fewer opportunities to be anonymous, and more chance to benefit from the experiences of those who are in our Google circles, our friends and acquaintances. And, also, that mobile search, while on the go, will continue to get better and better. We can continue our high speed, on-the-go lifestyle.

Accessing Files on the iPhone when iTunes Doesn't Recognize It

View of the detailed data files on an iPhone 4S made possible by DiskAid

When you connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, is it difficult to see your data other than your photos? As an active voice recorder user, finding the voice memos to download wasn't easy because of a problem with iTunes recognizing a new iPhone.

Researching the problem online, and not finding any immediate solutions, this application showed up in one of the searches: DigiDNA's DiskAid. With a free version, it looked like it might be the quick solution. Look at all the data you can see, in contrast, to the small image below, which was what was showing up on before.

View of iPhone data when iTunes doesn't recognize the iPhone. Only 2 photo (+ video) folders are showing here.

You may see more files when you dock your iPhone to synch with iTunes, but in this case, there is a synching problem because iTunes not recognize the replaced iPhone.

Looking for a fast solution, since initial efforts to get iTunes to recognize the new iPhone weren't working, DiskAid looked like a good option.

However, taking a closer look, there's a nice clear chart on DigiDNA's site that demonstrates that only a few functions are free. To copy or download what we're most likely to be interested in: music, videos, SMS contacts, voicemail, voice memos and other data, the license is currently at $24.95. So now the trade-off is less clear. Solve the iTunes recognition issue, so iTunes will show all the iPhone file details, or spend $24.95 to get instant access to the voice recordings.

Having tables that show the free features of an app compared to the paid ones are a new standard, and DigiDNA did it well. Next time this reader will have to check that part out sooner!

Having trouble accessing your iPhone data in Apps, Voice Memos, Notes or Messages? Need a quick solution?  DiskAid could be what you need if  you don't mind the $24.95 tag for convenience.

From “Press Kit” to “Social Media Kit”

A Social Media Kit complements your Traditional Press Kit. Add one to your website today.

Savvy media public relations pros stress the importance of having a “Press Kit” on your website:  make it as easy as possible for the media to get the information they need for a story about you.

The Social Media Age is in full force now, so we can revisit the traditional Press Kit and enhance it as a Social Media Kit, the Social Media equivalent of a Press Kit. Call it Social Media Kit, or Media Kit – you’re making sure it is easy for the media, AND, your online community to promote you.

Who might want to promote you?

  • A customer who is pleased and knows others will want to know more
  • A vendor who is proud of associating with you
  • A vendor who wants to do more business with you
  • A community that wants to show their appreciation or list resources
  • A blogger or other media person wanting to write a story

The easier you make it for people to share information about you the better. (And at the same time, you need to be monitoring your online reputation, to nip in the bud or handle any negative content.)

Traditional Press Kits were actual physical copies of photos, press releases, and other printed material that were mailed out or delivered. With the digital age, Press Kits also became known as Electronic Press Kits.

Press Kit Contents:

  • Photos. Varying sizes of photos: thumbnails, 4×6, 5×7 and high resolution photos
  • Bios. Varying lengths of bios: a one sentence summary, a one paragraph one, and a full length bio
  • Press Releases. Various formats of Press Releases: PDF and word documents for easy editing.
  • Fact Sheets. Fact sheets on different angles about you, your product or your business
  • More Bios. Bios of related parties, executives, members of the team
  • News. News articles and interviews – in print, digital copy, or by link
  • Video. Promotional videos – DVD and/or links to online videos
  • Contact Info. Contact information, including email, phone, fax and physical address
  • Request Form. Form for requesting physical collateral: post card, flyer, poster, bumper sticker, CDs, other promotional items, USB Drive, DVD

What should be in a Social Media Kit?

Of course your website will have icons and links to your Social Media sites. (Call them digital assets, online portfolio, social media accounts…) If you don’t have that visible on every page of your website, you’re missing out. And it should be on the top half, “above the fold” on your website, since that may be all of your website that a visitor sees in their high speed online searches.

The Social Media Kit is much more than just the links to your Social Media content. It needs to include images, audio-visual content, and text that can help a friendly organization or customer connect and create content about you.

Social Media Kit Content, in addition to the content listed for the Press Kit:

  • Icons of varying sizes representing you, your product of your business
  • Photos not just of you, your key products, and your business, but also related to your business, that bloggers and other online content creators can use in adding your business to a list, a blog post, a page on their website with a link back.
  • Links to each of your Social Media sites, including Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile and Company, YouTube Channel, Twitter Accounts, Blog(s), Photo accounts, Press rooms for press releases.
  • Topic lists, current and ever green, related to you, your products and your business, with links to content they can draw from.
  • Permissions. A permission statement listing what uses of this content you’re supporting, and a request for an email with the link to any online content they create.
  • Contact information for any questions: including phone and email.

What would you include in a Social Media Kit that we haven’t listed here? Have you seen sites with good Social Media Kits, or Press Kits, with excellent Social Media content?

Updated October 22, 2011

If you  haven’t  yet read our Social Media for Business book, check out the reviews and choose from a paperback or Kindle on Amazon.

Online Reputation Management Services

Radian6 may well be the top of the line for online reputation management systems, but with a price tag starting at $600/month, with an additional charge based on the content surfaced, it’s not for the small business owner.  They do offer a 50% price reduction to official and qualified charitable organizations, but that’s still $300/month or $3600 a year minimum.

More results to come.

Ways to Use Photos Creatively in Social Media

Wall Flowers. With a camera on your phone, you can catch a photo anytime!

Photos attract attention far faster than words do.

So how can we be creative with photographs?

For some people getting creative means figuring out what to take pictures of.

For other people getting creative means adding graphics and enhancing the photos, making photo collages or doing interesting things with framing, naming and captioning photos.

Creative Subjects for Photos?

For businesses with brick and mortar, it may be obvious to some people, but not to others.

Don’t miss the obvious: your entryway, parking, signs, interior decor, the inside of your store, your products, customers in your store, pictures of you and your staff, images from your website, graphics you make to promote your products or an event.

Don’t forget the locale, seasons and events: local weather, local places to go and see, your business in different seasons, holiday related decor you use, events that happen in your store or that you participate in, other businesses you support, your sponsorship of any local events.

Consider humor. Humorous photos are good but think twice about who your customers are and make sure they’re appropriate for your audience.

What are Some Creative Ways to Work with Photos?

Social Media for Business by Brossman and McGaha in the Social Media Marketing section of the bookstore

Add text to photos. If you add text to your photos, you can point out things that your customers might be interested in.

Add graphics to the photo. An arrow and a note showing how your products are twice as big as someone else’s. A circle to point out fine detail. A star to announce some savings.

Some simple photo editing tools. If you’re not a Photoshop user, you can use PowerPoint, Picasa photo editor or Paint to add text to photos. You won’t have high resolution (it’ll be a little fuzzy), but you can do it. Be sure to choose a color text and design that is visible on the photo.

Most of all…don’t miss out – have a way to take pictures with you – ideally all the time .

Camera phones and handy digital cameras. Having a camera on your mobile phone is the easiest way to be able to catch photos anytime anywhere. Or, you can also get an small digital camera that fits in your pocket. Download the photos daily or once a week to your computer, choose the good ones to save, delete the poor ones, and you’ll be building your own media library for your online publishing.

Whether catching your team doing what they do best, a ray of sunlight on a plant in your office, or a customer’s pet (if they approve), capturing pictures of the ordinary moments in your day to day work life can be easy and rich content for your online social media program.

Find down-to-earth, insightful, practical and valuable practices, tips, perspectives and explanations inSocial Media for Small Business by Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha. It was written by small and micro business owners, with direct experience that can help you use the Internet and social media to grow your business and your reputation.

Let the tens of thousands of hours of research and experience represented in this book save you time and grow your business – for less than $23 delivered.  Read what reviewers have said on Amazon.

After you’ve read it, leave your own review. Have suggestions? Email We want to hear them.