The Contributors

The Social Media for Business book is what it is because of the contributions of so many talented business people.

Brossman and McGaha's Social Media for Business Book

Social Media for Business – hot off the press the summer of 2011 with the latest insights and practices.

The Contributors:

  1. Dave Baldwin
  2. Eileen Batson
  3. Noah Boswell
  4. Alex Ferguson
  5. Michelle Gower
  6. Sharon Hill
  7. Whitney Hill
  8. Pat Howlett
  9. Greg Hyer
  10. Angel Lebak
  11. Beverly Mahone
  12. Olalah Njenga
  13. Melissa O’Connor
  14. Heather O’Sullivan Canney
  15. Alice Osborn
  16. Dave Park
  17. Stephen Peacock
  18. Scott Priestley
  19. Karen Tiede
  20. Glenn Cassidy contributed two haiku about social media.
  21. Cynthia Fobert
  23. Ellen Hammond
  24. Cara McLeod
  25. Jody Murphy

Other Contributors and our Publisher

21. Barbara Carr Brossman did the cover design and helped with editing.

22.  Anthony Policastro, CEO of Outer Banks Publishing is the publisher of The Social Media for Business Book.

Social Media for Business can be purchased through and CreateSpace and will soon be available online.