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It is no longer a safe bet in business just to have a website or a blog. With 98,000,000 websites as of this writing and even more blogs, your Internet presence might as well be a grain of sand on a vast beach. You as a business owner or individual must tell the world that your site or blog is out there and your product or service is first class.

The way to do that most effectively now is to use social media and integrate it thoroughly with your online presence as well as your business. Not just your marketing or public relations strategies, but also customer service; not just that either, but also your business strategy and operations. Having an effective and rich social media program is just the beginning, really utilizing all the intelligence it gathers is where the gold lies.

The concepts, principles and practices outlined in this book by Social Media Consultant and Small Business Coach Martin Brossman and Social Media Manager and Internet Researcher Anora McGaha, and the other experts in this book will alert you to the dynamic landscape that businesses must participate in online.

Even an unlimited advertising budget for all the ads in the world cannot compare to the effectiveness of social media wherein one friend tells another the merits of your product or service online. It’s like recommending a product or service to a coworker at the water cooler or to friends over dinner, but instead of having your discussion with only a handful of people, you have access to millions from around the globe.

Social media is the water cooler and dinner party of the 21st century.

This book is your guide to the cutting edge of the social media revolution for small business marketing on the Internet and we are proud to include it as one of our published titles.

Anthony S. Policastro – Publisher and CEO

Outer Banks Publishing Group