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  • Mother's Day Gift Idea Boards in Pinterest

    People Who Should Not Try to Market in Pinterest

    Who Should Not Use Pinterest Marketing on Pinterest can drive direct buying or lead-generating traffic to a commercial website. A Pinterest business account can function as a branding and image-building site to improve customers’ ideas about a particular company and what it does. I can help almost any business owner or marketing manager figure out […]

  • Pinterest Business Widgets

    Pinterest Business Accounts

    Great news, businesses using Pinterest for marketing don’t have to pretend that they’re “people” anymore!  Pinterest released a Business category of accounts today, and you can either create a new account under the Business type or convert an existing one to the business category.  Add a snippet of code to your business website (root directory) […]

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  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Training

    Social Media Training – Social Media Certificate

    New designated website for the Social Media Management Certificate program  The new website: MySocialMediaMastery.com About the program:a Social Media Management is a thriving new field with many opportunities, generating more jobs than there are people trained to do them.  To help fill this need for qualified social media managers, social media trainers Martin Brossman and […]

  • What's Easy about Social Media for Business?

    What’s Easy about Social Media for Business?

    As a business owner what about social media for business is easy to work with and why? Interacting with the people who respond on Facebook? Reaching out to follow and connect with people on Twitter? Getting to share things that are going on with your business? The ease of using photos and adding them to […]

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  • Social Media Training

  • Becoming a Social Media Manager

    Becoming a Social Media Manager

    There are many social media and social media manager positions in the United States. Virtually every business that wants to grow needs to utilize at least some of the social media platforms to extend their reach. Many can learn on their own. Others will benefit from internships and getting experienced mentors. Yet others will want to have formal organized training through community colleges or other programs to be qualified for social media management roles in the workplace.

  • Matrix of Social Media Related Functions

    Matrix of Social Media Related Functions

    Social media jobs vary greatly, even within the same title, of social media analyst, social media coordinator, social media copywriter, social media strategist, social media community manager or social media manager. The functions that they encompass vary greatly. This graphic outlines some of the core competencies associated with social media jobs that may be included in any job.

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  • Why Your Pharmacy Needs a Blog

    Why Your Pharmacy Needs a Blog

    Independent Pharmacy Business Blog give a competitive advantage over the big box Pharmacy locations Chances are you’ve heard marketing experts sing the praises of business blogging.  But if you’re like most independent pharmacy owners, you haven’t given serious thought to incorporating a blog into your online marketing strategy. In fact, you may have rolled your […]

  • NextDoor App

    What is the NextDoor app?

    I learned about the Nextdoor App from someone that was talking about their neighbors like they just all met together the other day at someone’s house. I asked how they stayed so connected I realized it was not an in-person meeting but a smartphone app called Nextdoor. I had heard of it before but that […]

  • Facebook likes graph

    Facebook Engagement: The Best Measure of Social Media Success

    We all love the social side of Facebook: that warm fuzzy feeling when a client or customer posts a glowing comment on your page, or when hundreds of fans “like” a photo. As businesses, when we look at the bottom line for participating in social media we have to evaluate our return on investment (ROI). […]

  • Checking-in on Social Media

    3 Ways to Support Buying Local for the Holidays Using Social Media

    If you have a business or just enjoy supporting your community by buying from local-owned businesses, you keep money in your community and help your neighbors feed their families. When you share that you bought local on social media, you let your friends know it is important to you, and it inspires them to do […]

  • Record Skype Calls

    How do I record Skype calls?

    Want to add an audio interview to your website or social media post? Here’s one simple way to record Skype conversations: 1 – Download this free software “MP3 Skype Recorder” here: http://voipcallrecording.com/MP3_Skype_Recorder 2 – Set up the software. 3 – Use the software whenever you want to record a Skype conversation and take note of […]

  • Getting Started on Pinterest: Understanding What's What

    Getting Started on Pinterest: Understanding What’s What

    Now that you’ve found out how to setup your Pinterest profile in the earlier post: How to Use Pinterest: Setting up Your Pinterest Profile let’s get more familiar with Pinterest and understand what’s what. Pinterest Lingo A pin?  A pinner?  Repin?  English please! Here are some definitions that you might want to know: Pin: A image […]

  • What is Instagram?

    Using Instagram for Business

    What is Instagram? Instagram is a free popular photo sharing app.  This app allows you to take pictures and share it with the world and also apply filters to your photos to spruce them up a bit.  A boring photo on a phone could be turned into a visually aesthetic photo and earn a top […]

  • Copyright for Pinners

    Pinterest and Copyright Law, for Pinners

    Basic copyright law The basics the parts of copyright law that affect your actions on Pinterest, from a US perspective. “In the public domain” means, “the creator has been dead for 70 years.” It does NOT mean, “on the internet already.” Once created, any “original work of authorship” is copyrighted. The copyright is almost always […]

  • Communication Tips for Virtual Collaboration

    Communication Tips for Virtual Collaboration

    Communication  in Virtual Collaboration One of the most important skills to have in virtual collaboration is the ability to communicate clearly. Whether it’s through emails or over the phone, you’ll need to be able to clearly articulate questions and comments, your status on projects, and acknowledgement of new assignments. With this post, I’ll outline some […]

  • How Do I Set Up a Facebook Business Page?

    How Do I Set Up a Facebook Business Page?

    Do you want to learn how to create a Facebook business page?  This post will teach you how to do just that!  You will also receive some tips on the best way to set up your very first Facebook page for your business. The best set up is to build the Facebook business page off […]

  • Tapping the Power of LinkedIn Groups

    Tapping the Power of LinkedIn Groups

    Your dream boardroom where all of the world’s businesses vie for an opportunity to work with your firm is not on the top floor of a smart Manhattan building or a downtown business center. It is in your pocket, your brief case and on your lap where you can disappear and reappear at will to […]

  • Google+

    Google+ is not the house on the hill, but it’s a good start. Imagine the social media netscape as real estate. Every structure has its own unique qualities and is currently on the market with spaces to rent, to own and to expand. Facebook is a huge subdivision of diverse homes situated somewhere easily accessible […]

  • Google + Hangouts & Livestreaming

    Google + Hangouts & Livestreaming

    Google+ Hangouts – Live Video Google + is one of the newest social networks with a ton of features, but we are going to focus on how your business can live stream by using a feature called Google + Hangouts. Google + Hangouts is a feature that allows a user to have a video conference […]

  • About Social Media for Business

    About Social Media for Business

    Social Media for Business: The Small Business Online Marketing Guide Martin Brossman trains micro business owners (1 – 3 people) and what we call “small”  business owners, which we should probably call “very small” small business owners (4 – 20 people, we hesitate to call them employees, because they may be contractors or interns) in […]

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