Olga Santo Tomás Monroe on Google Plus

How to Maximize Your Presence on Google+: Tips for Your Google + Personal Page, Business Page & Authorship

“It’s a moving target for it is evolving and upgrading fast.”  Martin Brossman (in regards to Google)  Google+ Page: Google+ is an … [Read More...]

Gmail Signup

Setting up a Gmail account and Google Plus

This post is just for people that do not have a Gmail account and how to set it up including connecting to Google Plus. To get up a Gmail … [Read More...]


Facebook Business Offers

How to Use Facebook Offers and Best Practices for Small Businesses

What are Facebook Offers? Facebook Offers are a way for businesses, brands, and other organizations to share special discounts on items or … Continue Reading

Facebook likes graph

Facebook Engagement: The Best Measure of Social Media Success

We all love the social side of Facebook: that warm fuzzy feeling when a client or customer posts a glowing comment on your page, or when hundreds … Continue Reading

Social Media Management

Social Media Training

Social Media Training – Social Media Certificate

New designated website for the Social Media Management Certificate program  The new website: About the … [Read More...]

What’s Easy about Social Media for Business?

As a business owner what about social media for business is easy to work with and why? Interacting with the people who respond on … [Read More...]